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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Captains Courageous

Prawn trawling is a vital industry on the Lower Clarence.
It is a dangerous occupation but for most people involved it is in their blood.
The term "Yamba Prawns" has become a signifier for crustaceans of the best quality.


  1. Nice photograph, Mark.

    And .. I said the other day that the Grafton Gaol image helped my creative juices. Well ...

    The story I am writing at the moment is about three families in Urunga (all fictitioes) and how families love and hate. One of the families is a fisher-family, the other owns the boat salvage yard, and the third owns the refrigerated haulage trucks. I will use your info about Yamba prawns to google details that might be useful. Details about types of boats etc ...

  2. As my friend P would say that image is lush. Beautiful intense blue. Here the fishing is mainly Queenies, and likewise dangerous, in the blood and vital to the economy.


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