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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Theme Day: Time

While sitting on a verandah we spotted that this tree had been used by snakes to shed their skins by rubbing their bodies through the branches.
All of a sudden the young girl ran and grabbed the ladder; voila! life size Snakes and Ladders.

The City Daily Photo Community have chosen Time as their December theme.
I have interpreted this idea as playTIME.


  1. I did not realise that snakes did that! That tree has some of the shape of a Boab.

    I love the way you have interpreted the Theme, Mark. Lateral thinking is a boon ...

  2. Snakes and ladders, how clever!

  3. Mark, yes the building is still there and still operating as a theatre (!!) The building is The Stables and the theatre company is now The Griffin. Not sure when the Nimrod bit the dust.

  4. Very clever!
    Gorgeous tree too - what type is it?

  5. Cara its a fig tree but it has lost all its leaves. Not sure if it is dying or just the time of the year for it to loose its leaves.

  6. Love how you have interpreted this theme and I love the photograph.

  7. Best game of snakes and ladders ever

  8. Wow...well cool Bell. This has quickly become my most favourite blog


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