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Monday, December 27, 2010

Gilligan Lands on Woodford Island

Did you know that Woodford Island is the largest river Island in Australia. It even has its own mountain range!
I was reminded of the SS Minnow from 'Gilligans Island' when I saw this beached trawler.
Are the Howells, the Professor and Mary-Ann living in nearby Ilarwill?


  1. I hate to see boats, or anything of worth for that matter, dumped and left to rot. What a waste.

  2. Le loup this is a common sight in the Clarence valley. The river prawning industry has had a terrible time of it over the last 3/4 years.
    The new season started a few weeks ago and is the best for ages so maybe a few of these trawlers will be rescued and put back to work.

  3. However, it does make for a wonderful image, Mark. The largest river island in Aussie, eh? I like these little claims to fame.

    More on Woodford when you can ...


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