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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Honey is Sweet but the Bee has a Sting

Apiarists (Beekeepers) at work on Heifer Station.
The older man had no protection while the boy wore the traditional garb and carried the smoker.
Some of the hives are painted pastel colours, is there a reason for this?


  1. I'm going to sool a friend of mine onto this post. He blogs out of the Sunshine coast and knows a thing or three about things like this.

  2. Gidday Mark! (Thanks Julie for pointing me here.)

    'tis I Julie mentioned, but sadly I can't say for sure. I suspect, just looking at the colours, the the bee keepers know a house painter and they manage to scavenge whatever they can!

    Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia

  3. Thanks Julie Hi bitingmidge
    I am sure you are right. I knew it wasn't that they needed different colours to find their hives.
    I am meeting the nicest people since I started this blog.
    Have a great weekend

  4. Interesting post re the colours, I look forward to other comments.


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