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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Koalas Cross Here

Waterview Heights is a rural suburb to the west of Grafton.
It is home to a large Koala colony and also some folk with an excellent sense of humour. 


  1. Ah, now tell me this isn't so.

    If that were an ordinary post, with flowers attached, it would indicate a car accident and travellers having died upon that spot. Right?

    Do Koalas die crossing the road around that spot or thereabouts?

  2. Good post, excellent.

  3. I was wondering whether they were meant to be some sort of memorial too.

  4. Have I been mistaken about this sign? I drive past it often and have never seen any Koalas run over, but maybe it is memorial.
    I have some friends at Waterview so I will ask them what they think.

  5. Until I read Julie's comment I was thoroughly enjoying this sign. Hopefully no koalas were killed here. You live in a beautiful part of Australia. I was lucky enough to pass through Grafton (and stay) whilst en route from Hobart to Cairns one time. I took a month to do the drive and enjoy and luckily I hit Grafton when all the jacarandas were in flower. Unbelievable! I lived in Oz for six years but maybe I already told you this!...

  6. I have sugar glider, the hair of sugar glider remind me to the Koala bear hehe


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