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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Turner's Beach Story

Yamba's Turner's Beach was formed in the 1950's by an extension of the southern break wall. In the 19th century this had been the site of the Clarence River mouth.

Until the break wall was extended in the 1950's Turner's was a very dangerous place to swim. The name of this beach recalls a terrible tragedy in 1901 when a Mr Turner, a popular young family man who worked for the harbour master, was tragically drowned there.

Today it is a very safe and popular family beach, particularly with campers from the nearby Calypso Caravan Park. In the holidays it is patrolled by a lifeguard.


  1. Has it altered the flow and sedimentation of the Clarence, though?

  2. Yes. It was a scheme that took 100 hundered years to fully complete. These days the sedimentation occurs at the river mouth on the bar. There is also a famous reef in the river mouth which Aboriginal people know as the Dirrungan or the remains of the 'clever woman' who created the big river but more on this in a latter post.....

  3. Goodo ... I'm reading along ...


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