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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When Sweet Turns To Sour

The sun is shining and life is getting back to normal  for most after the inconvenience of the flood. For rural industries on the flood plain however it will will be months if not years before things are back to normal.

The sugar industry deserves special attention as even before the flood things were very dire. Continuous rain in November and December meant that the cane could not be harvested and fields replanted on many farms. Even the farmers who did replant now find their fields under water. As it takes two years for the crop to grow it won't be until 2013 that this disaster will really impact.

Click here for final images/thoughts on the Jan 2011 flood

Please as well click on Cara's Brisbane Daily Photo to see the misery urban Grafton has been spared.


  1. My dad would say, "I've got some badddddd news!" Sorry about the flooding and excessive rain! I'm crossing my fingers for good luck for the farmers!

  2. when i was a kid my father was into farming and i remember we used to pray every night that there will be no flooding,and that the rain would come just at the right time!


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