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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Theme Day: Fountains

On the first day of every month the City Daily Photo Community has a theme, for February it is 'Fountains'.

"Did you here about the Parrot that lost his memory?"
The Black Swans then pissed themselves laughing.

You can find this pair of incontinent happy birds in front of Grafton's Cathedral.
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  1. Very amusing; good looking b irds, too!

  2. Love it, Mark! And to be in front of a cathedral - even better.

  3. Happy a sight indeed. Please have a good new month.

    daily athens

  4. These are great. Made me laugh. :)

  5. Dancing swans - a wonderful water fountain for theme day! Bravo Marko!

  6. What an amazing fountain! This is so different - never seen two birds like this forever taking off or landing. And the water seems to be coming from their rear-ends. How funny. You'd expect it to be from their beaks. Love it!

  7. What a terrific choice ... makes we want to join in and splash with them.

  8. hee hee...
    Making a bit of a splash in the fountain, are they?

    «Louis» forgot Theme Day - AGAIN!

  9. They look very happy to be in that fountain!

  10. That's a very pretty pair, and an ingenious fountain design. And thanks for the good laugh!


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