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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Harwood Bridge

The Harwood Bridge, which carries the Pacific Highway traffic between Sydney and Brisbane, opened in 1966 and is of historic significance. It replaced the last vehicular ferry on the New South Wales State Highway system and was the last and longest steel truss bridge built by the Department of Main Roads (DMR). Its construction also signified the first town by-pass on the State Highway System built by the DMR, that being Maclean.
It has a vertical lift span to allow boats to pass underneath. It's operated by lowering the huge concrete blocks at the top of the towers and therefore raising one span of the bridge. This is all carried out in the little house on top of the span.

This picture is from the RTA website and shows the incredible width of the Clarence River and also recent maintenance carried out on the Harwood Bridge.

This image  from the ozroads website shows the approach to the old punt. Note the cane barges on the way to the Harwood Sugar Mill.

This is a Sunday Bridges post, click here to see other amazing bridges around our planet.


  1. That is a wide river!
    I feel bad for the town of Maclean, it probably went downhill after this was built.

  2. The times have changed a lot since when the third photo you posted was taken. I really like the first photo. The sky and water are so blue, and the tugboat gives a good indication of how long and tall the bridge is.

  3. I like the last B&W image. Not all change is for the best.
    Good post.

  4. that is quite a long bridge and a wide river. marvelous photos.

  5. It would seem odd to have a house in the middle of a bridge, but I guess someone must operate the lift!

  6. Wonderful post. And that house with a purpose is so unusual!

  7. Interesting truss bridge with a vertical lift span.


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