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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lilydale Bridge

Lilydale low-level bridge is designed to avoid serious damage in a flood.


  1. We have a short one like this over Boorolong Creek. It floods frequently and the pipes under it are blocked so the water constantly flows over the top. The council say they can't unblock pipes that din't exist, but you can actually feel the pipes if you stick your arm down there & occasionally you can see the currect flowing through one of them.
    Dumaresq Shire never has cared for those of us in the country, leaving our road in dissrepair, now they are a part of Armidale Council & they care even less!
    Thats my gripe for this year.

  2. Such a great idea. Looks like a lovely area.

  3. that reminds me of the causeways between some of the different islands around Orkney, the design does mean that access is lost pretty quickly when the water gets rough or it floods!

  4. Lovely view with the road leading to those summery clouds.

  5. Avoid serious damage, but also lose access, no? Nice country view.

  6. Not sure how it works, but it does at least blend in with the view.

  7. Le Loup I lived in Armidale for many years and understand your frustration.
    Crafty Green Poet, yes it does not take a great deal of rain for this bridge to go underwater.
    VioletSky, it works by being low and avoiding damage by being hit with debris. I have a post about a high level bridge flood disaster coming up.


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