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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Public Transport vs Private Transport

If you had the choice would you travel the 2km trip between Yamba and Iluka by:
a. jet-ski
b. ferry
c. yacht


  1. A yacht, probably. Unless it was rough weather and then teh ferry might feel a bit more secure.

  2. Definitely ferry, I love a chauffeured ride.

  3. I love sailing, so this is an easy question, nice subject though.

  4. Yacht for me too, I love sailing!

  5. Verdict is in, 60% prefered the Yacht, 40% Ferry 0% Jetski. The Jet Ski gets such bad press and yes they are noisy etc but it would be the quickest by far. The ferry is very nice but I am also voting Yacht although I can't sail and I would end up crashing it into the Middle Wall and would expect ferry to rescue me.
    Thanks to all those who responded


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