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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Big Fig

The big White Fig is a very special tree in the heart of Grafton.


  1. Oh, what an awesome tree! It is enormous! I would love to sit under that one for a bit! Fantastic capture for the day and such a great look at your world! Enjoy your week!


  2. That tree is massive! It is great that there was a spot to stand and get it all in along with the building for comparison.

  3. Is this a real fig tree? I have to admit I have never seen one before.

  4. That is a great looking tree, I am surprised the local council have not cut it down yet! Or have they got more sense in Grafton than elsewhere?

  5. Tell me more: Is it a Ficus, and related to the fig fruit producing trees?
    Can't really tell from the leaves. Such a huge dense specimen. How old?

  6. morememes: its scientific name is Ficus virens var. sublanceolata and the Clarence River is as far south as it grows. It is deciduous and it is spectacular when it looses all its leaves and then shoots new ones, I will post these when it happens in spring (september) it is well over a hundred years old and was planted.


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