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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Grafton Post Office

For 137 years Grafton has been lucky to have its postal operations carried out in this very handsome sandstone and brick building. So many communities have suffered the indignity of having either their Post Office's closed down or moved to souless shopping centres for the benefit of retail magnates rather than the convienience of residents.
A few years ago the inside was modernised (retailised) and the magnificent red cedar counters were removed. I often wonder where they went, something else I must find out about next time I am at the local museum.

It was built with local sandstone and the bricks were made of local clay and fired nearby; all the joinery was also of local rainforest timbers. I have always admired the stonemasons carving skills with the cypher of Queen Victoria and her crown in the keystone of the central arch.


  1. That's a real gem of a building! I wonder if you could show us inside? I was dumbfounded this summer when I discovered NO post offices any longer in Sweden! Now one has to get stamps at the grocery store!

  2. Leif it is utterly banal on the inside. As I said the original magnificent interior was gutted a decade ago and now it is now regulation white and grey.Besides stamps it sells stationery and tacky souveniers. Australian P O's are very useful places to pay bills, get phone credit etc actual postage is a secondary business these days. I read the other day that Denmark is introducing stamps via txt where you write a recieved code on the envelope. One day stamps will go the same way as beta video and whalebone corsets.


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