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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Swimming The Horses

Every morning at around 8 I hear an old fashioned sound through my window, the clip clop of racehorse hooves on the concrete road, they are off for their morning swim in the Clarence River.

They go at least 250m out into the river. It is great exercise and gets the horses into peak physical condition.

If I'm still home at 9 (only on weekends) I get to hear the rhapsodic clip clop all over again as the horses are taken back to their stables at the end of my street. I count my blessings that even in this very modern age some things in my neighbourhood are timeless.

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  1. What a wonderful post for the day, Mark! And being a horse lover and having owned horses at one time, I was delighted to see these on your blog! Great reflections, beautiful horses and terrific captures! Doesn't get any better! Have a wonderful week!


  2. Ooo I bet the horses adore this! Have you shown us the stables on your blog as yet?

  3. O_o

    I should try with my cats...

    No i'm kidding, it is hard enough to walk with them on leash without trying to drown them... :D

    Interesting idea, though... For horses !

  4. Good pics. I can remember the horses coming past our gate, and if I was hanging over the gate looking, I was sometimes offered a ride.

  5. At least they get a nice clean coat every day. The exercise is valuable to them, no doubt...those clops, clops are very easy to hear all the way here from your description...nice series of photos.

  6. what a great way for the horse to exercise! i didn't know they can get in shape by "swimming"

  7. I love the sound of horses' hooves clip-clopping - it's full of nostalgia. I didn't know horses had aquacises, didn't even know they liked water.

  8. We have both a river here in Leeds and a few horses too, but I have never seen anyone anyone in a dinghy with a horse in tow before. Great post, love it.

  9. That throws up so many questions:
    Are they natural swimmers or do they need lessons?
    What would the man in the little boat do if the horse in his care showed signs of drowning?
    And what kind of movement do they make with their four limbs below the surface?
    Doggy paddle ;-) ?
    On a different note: I wish you had a small map of your area on the site.


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