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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Well of Loneliness

There are very few houses in Pillar Valley. After stopping at the Public Well I suspect very few of them use the well as it is overgrown with grass and shrubs. I would like to know more about this place as Australia does not have a "well' culture.


  1. I guess you will have to go to the local library and try to find out more about this.

  2. Very interesting. If you get more info please let us know.

  3. Have you tried one of those dousing rods to see if you could find water anywhere? Very interesting scene! So desolate...but very peaceful that way, isn't it?

  4. Gerald and 32degrees there is lots of water in the well, I just don't know who would've ever used it to warrant a sign but obviously someone did. This spot is very near the coast and has a high rainfall, in the distance is a large clean creek system. I need to take Steffe's advice and find out. I am also thinking about going down with cutters and clean it up and have a good old fashioned "well Dressing ceremony" I reckon You would like that Le Loup.

  5. Oo ... I go for the 'well-dressing' ceremony too. And do what Steffe suggests ... more info pulease!!

  6. I have never heard of a public well but most of the homes in the town where I lived had wells. Also the old homes here in the mountains have wells too. I suspect was quite an extensive private well culture before town water.


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