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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Night Fright

This is the Garden Orb spider.It grows to about 3cms and is non-venomous and non aggressive. They weave a very large and sticky web between trees. It is unsettling to walk into the web at night and it can take quite an effort to get the web off your face and hair.


  1. They can take some avoiding in the woods, but think of all the mozzies thay catch.

  2. They stick ... well the web does ... and then you have that awful thought that the buggar is in your hair somewhere. Ugh ... I like nature and all that ... but ugh ...

  3. I like the abstract style of this photo.

  4. Kiwis are scared of Oz, they are scared of the Aussie spider, whether non-venomous and non aggressive or not.

    I am not scared. i am a Kiwi born in Borneo.


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