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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Annual Country Show

For nearly 150 years the Grafton Agricultural Society have been putting on their annual Show. It is a typical Australian Country Show with all the elements including cake competitions, poultry displays, wood-chopping, beauty contests and of course the carnival folk (carnies or showies) with their rides and side show alleys.
This is a legendary 'game' from the side show that is a reworked version of the classic 'laughing clown game'. You buy 5 balls and place them in the 'mouth' of the figure and then the ball falls randomly into a slot with a designated number. At the end your total score corresponds to a 'shelf' that you choose a prize from. This activity is loved by small children and romantic couples.
Over the forthcoming week I will be showing more images from this institution that has changed very little from its 19th century roots.


  1. It seems to resemble our county fairs - and we have a huge Minnesota State Fair annually, too!

  2. The attendant appears to be bored!

  3. I love to go to the show ... looking forward to what you see at yours.

  4. Changed in that many of the 'characters' are disneyised ...


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