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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dalmorton Butcher Shop

One of the best preserved buildings in Dalmorton is the old butchers shop.

The rear of the shop has the remains of a cool room. Inside the shop the ceiling has hooks where meat must've once hung. I'm not sure when the last sausage was sold in the butchers shop but it was probably before World War 2 and definitely prior to 1961.


  1. Whyso 1961? Were you born here or summat? I am about to embark upon an occasional series comparing shops in my immediate vicinity with shops in Paris, eg butcher, baker, cobbler. I have all the Parisian versions ... just need to get around my local area ... and it is due to rain all week ...

  2. Umm! sausages from Dalmorton sound good!

  3. I love old buildings. Am going to enjoy this series.

  4. Hi Julie, I will do a post on this at the end of the week but the clue is "Old Glen Innes Rd".


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