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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dalmorton: Pine Ck Stockmans Hut

Strictly speaking it is not in Dalmorton, but 30 minutes walk away is the Adams Family hut on Pine Creek. It was built in 1943 by a man synonymous with the Dalmorton timber industry, Sid Adams. His son Brian passed away in 1995 and as far as I know, he was the last person to use the hut regularly.
These days National Parks maintain the corrugated iron shed. It is locked up but still contains a bed, table and pots over the fireplace.

All around the hut are hollow logs which were used as kennels for cattle dogs. There are also the typical plants of an isolated hut: lemon, orange and apple trees.


  1. Imagine living in such a small space! Fascinating!

  2. My wife & I lived in one of these during winter in the Snowy Mountains one year. Very cold!

  3. I bet it was freezing Le Loup. Thanks for your comments the other day. I agreed with sentiments on vandalism. I think one of the best things young people can do is get out I'n the great outdoors and learn simple things like chopping wood, fishing etc. I love technology but the simple things I'n life are the best.

  4. How can that tank be rusting in that rung so high up?

    Love the concept of the dogs sleeping in the hollow logs.

  5. This picture is the best ... I love old corrugated iron buildings like this. Is that a fireplace without a chimney on the side?

  6. A blast from the past i grew up in dalmorton and lived in the police station that is burnt to ruins now my brother and i used the jail as a cubby house dalmorton is a historical place and most of all special to me.


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