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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dalmorton Vandalism

No-one lives in Dalmorton anymore and although people pass through all the time, vandalism is a real issue. Over the years a number of buildings have 'burnt down' or been smashed up.

The rear of the 'smashed up' house is festooned with a very old grape vine.


  1. I simply fail to understand this sort of compulsion. I hope this board is fibro and not asbestos ...

  2. Well I have a theory on vandalism. I think it is the lack of anything else to do in regards to adventure, a thrill. Think about it. In years past life was not so easy, life was an adventure, it was much about survival.
    When I was a kid the Hudson Bay Company was still hiring young men to go to Canada, now there are no such options.
    I am not condoning this sort of behavour, but I think this society should think about how they can supply some adventure along with skills training. Yes I know the army is good at that, but they also get our young blokes killed. We need something else.
    Reading adventure stories were great when I was a kid, & it would send me off along the beaches with a home made spear, or into the fields & woods with my bow. Making caps & shelters & generally adventuring. But where is that spirit today? What happened to our heroes like Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett & Robin Hood?
    Now it is computor games & vandalism.

  3. That seems to be what happens when places are left empty. It is surprising how quickly things decay from deliberate and non deliberate means.

  4. I tend to agree with le loup.
    I've also always been amazed to see how thin the walls on these houses are


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