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Monday, May 2, 2011

Old Glen Innes Rd: Dalmorton Part 1

In 1871 Dalmorton came alive to the sound of the fossickers pick, gold had been discovered and a reef declared!
The town was quickly transformed into a typical gold rush town of slab huts, stables, coolie labourers, noise, gambling, drinking and violence. At its height Dalmorton had around 3,500 inhabitants today it is 0! 
It is a classic ghost town with a couple of buildings still remaining. This week I will will show images from this very remote location on the old road to Glen Innes.
Click on the label to see my previous posts on this classic journey.


  1. Lovely looking countryside.

  2. Empty ... no one ... gosh!!

    Okay ... I am back int saddle and ready for a squizz around this ghost town. Remember when Glen Davis was a ghost town. Nah ... you be too young. Well it was ... when I was a kid .. because it made my eyes very wide and my heart pitter-pat ... I was very impressionable ...


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