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Monday, May 9, 2011

Old Glen Innes Rd: Dalmorton Road Tunnel

1n 1866/7 contractors blasted and hand hewed a tunnel through a large rock face near Dalmorton, but the road between Glen Innes and Grafton did not fully open until 1873. Locally the tunnel is referred to as the "convict tunnel" but this is not true, no convict labour was used in its construction.

The tunnel is only wide enough for a car and only small trucks can pass through it.


  1. That's a fabulous chunk of rock.

  2. Lovely photo Mark looking through the tunnel with the greenery at the other end.

  3. Love it.

  4. That's awesme. It would freak me out a bit travelling inside. That's interesting stuff about the burning of the garden palace. I've never heard your conspiracy theory before, nor any involving dead aliens in silver suits. :)

  5. What is Jim rabbiting on about? I will go check out his post.

    I love this tunnel. Can just image the crawly feeling on my skin if I were to walk through it.

  6. Beautiful image of a beautiful place.
    Still, I wouldn't linger below that mass of rock :-)

  7. Locals know best. It is a convict built tunnel as far as I know having lived locally 25 yrs but if anyone has any evidence to prove me wrong I would love to know! Amazingly beautiful area. Dry scrub and geazing land on one side of the road, semi-temperate rainforest on the other. Simply beautiful!


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