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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Flood Waters on the Common

The South Grafton Common is low swampy land that acts as a giant reservoir when we have downpours. After yesterdays gales and rain the Common is a sheet of water and now home to thousands of feeding birds.


  1. Bit damp up there! I suppose the area between Grafton and Junction Hill would be a little swampy too ...

  2. Your plight(s) are getting decent coverage down here. I am thinking of you all. Cannot get throught to my brother in the hills outside Wauchope. This happens everytime it rains. His line goes out. Wish he would move into the town.

    Any chance of more posts on the birds on the Common?

  3. Karen you know the area well.

    Julie we are fine here now but down south is terrible. I hope you brother is alright.


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