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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jackadgery: Mann River Service Station

It is the only shop for 160 kms between Grafton and Glen Innes. It sells all the essentials one needs in life; petrol, ice, beer, fishing hooks, hamburgers, milk, newspapers, bottled gas, lollies, ice creams and toilet paper. You can buy a stamp and post a letter. It even has an ATM these days!

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  1. Establishments like this dot our nation, in every state. It is a cherished way of life, I suspect. Very long hours, very low wages. But a life-style many of us crave. I can see the attraction, but not with a young family. And only when the NBN is a reality!

  2. So that is it. I will have to copy that list!

  3. Almost as good as being at home...or maybe better. :))

  4. I bet many rural areas rely on the hard work of shops like these.


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