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Monday, June 20, 2011

Knitting Graffiti

It is known by many names, yarn bombing, urban knitting, guerilla knitting etc. It has become popular in Grafton over the last few weeks. Here is a Flame Tree in Skinner St South Grafton with its new attached art.


  1. I've never heard of this type of knitting - very interesting! I like your caption Mark.

  2. We got some of that this week in Avignon, it appeared on my friend Michel Benoit's blog.
    I might post about it too. Apparently the knitted jumpers on three lamp posts here are here to stay, they haven't been removed since Saturday.

    Your fake mangoes (or whatever they are) look great!

  3. Came via Nathalie's blog which helps to prove how small a world some of us have. I do not know of this form of 'street art' but like it very much. It is for the more conservative of us to get our own back on the more outrageous of us. I would like to see art like this popping up all over Newtown! Hah!!!


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