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Saturday, July 9, 2011

July Racing Carnival 3 - Fashions on the Field

For many a Cup Carnival is more about the Fashion than it is the thoroughbreds.

 For others it is about wearing a zany outfit that is bound to get you noticed.

 For most men the outfits have not changed in generations, it is more about comfort and picking a winner than stylish fashion a la mode.

It is a chance to get dressed up, get noticed and maybe get your picture in the local paper (or even on my blog!).

To see more Weekend in Black and White shots click here.


  1. Intriguing mix of fashion styles there! Accentuates the differences in monochrome!

  2. As usual, there seems to be a lot of black worn...
    those top hats are hilarious!

  3. Great photos Mark. Wishing I was there - had a great time last year.

  4. Like the photos and thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. Very cool shots.

  6. Great images Mark and like the B&W. Looks like an enjoyable race day.

  7. Hi Mark, I was inspired by your series to get out to the races here in Perth at Bemont, the winter race track. What a great day I had yesterday and like you have shown, there is much going on that makes for an enjoyable outing. Have a great week.


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