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Monday, July 25, 2011

Mid-Winter Signs No 1: Frangipani

Grafton is regarded as having a sub-tropical climate but our winters are cool and can even be cold. This week I am going to try and identify a few 'signals' that demonstrate that we are in the height of mid-winter.
1: The Frangipanis are completely bare of leaves revealing their sculptural forms and motley branches.


  1. In sweltering mid-summer here. Looking forward to the rest of your mid-winter series.

  2. Oh...bare frangi's...*sigh" I could do with some winter right now, temps here have been in the middle 40's.

  3. Yes it has been on our News how hot it has been. I can relate as Grafton can be sweltering in Summer as well.

  4. Nice pic Mark. It's nice to remember that Grafton has seasons other than "ridiculous humidity".

  5. This sounds like an interesting idea for a series. No trouble at all finding winter here but it can be more subtle the further north you go.


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