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Friday, August 19, 2011

8 Months On

The January flood reeked terrible damage in the Valley and if you look around there are still signs of this disaster. I found this old Netball hoop on the riverbank and liked the very sculptural, and now weathered, debris it had collected.

This is a Friday Skywatch post and today is dedicated to Klaus Peter the owner and maintainer of the Skywatch meme who recently passed away . Click here for more views of the heavens.

To view Klaus's brilliant wildlife shots please Click here.


  1. Wow! nature has certainly created a unique artwork there!

  2. it reminds me of a little girl carrying a big back pack, or perhaps a guardian angel

    R.I.P Klaus

  3. That is flood debris! I had not realized the waters were that deep!

  4. Just so hard for me to imagine here on the hill where we never have floods.
    Hard to imagine Klaus gone from this world too.

    You might enjoy this newish blog by a former employee of the British Department for Transport


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