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Monday, August 22, 2011

Maclean Supermarket Saga

One of the longest running sagas in the Clarence Valley is the Maclean Supermarket. This is the only supermarket in town and is in a lovely heritage building that proclaims to have been in business since 1883. There have been numerous proposals to build another supermarket and of course many people don't want an edge of town mall that will significantly impact of the main street with its its locally owned shops.
Now the Council have voted to sell the airspace above a car park adjacent to the CBD for the development of an IGA store. However, it looks like that could be going to the courts.
Something I did notice while I was snapping away was the red shirted staff from the pictured establishment carrying customers groceries to their cars! Gee now that's old fashioned service.


  1. Beautiful building. It's great to read that good "old fashioned" service goes along with it. What a wonderful sense of community this helps create.

  2. I do hope you keep the main-line supermarkets out. The local shop is a friendly place where you can meet and talk to people you know. The only place we can have that sort of interaction in, is at the farmers' market.

    Keep up the good fight.

  3. I like that building. It looks like it has been cobbled from parts of old buildings with its two 1st floor bay windows and its cooper-louvred 'verandah'.

    What you describe there is what happens in Sydney when a Westfield mall goes up. Take the one in Bondi Junction and the new one in the Pitt St mall. BJ caused the death of shops in Dbay and along Oxford St in Paddo. The one in PsM is causing the death of shops in the CBD and along the lower reaches of Oxford St.

    You must fight to keep them out of Maclean. They are death to diversity and death to community.

    If it means that a council must be changed, do be it. But more likely, it means that the existing council may charge higher rates or think more laterally re land use within the centre of town.

    We the people need to understand that if we want something then we have to be prepared to pay more for it. Unless we want some other famly to lose a bread winner.

    There done with that soap-box. Any one else want it?

  4. The maclean supermarket is locally owned and offers fantastic service as both Rae and Arija note.
    Julie I agree with everything you say. In Grafton we have a shopping centre which is exactly like every other shopping centre in the world. Boring and repetitive. I read about what WF did to the shopping strips in the east and it is now doing in the city.
    Thanks for your comments I will keep you updated with what happens next.

  5. Old-fashioned service will likely be lost if the IGA moves in, I fear. Although, we have had a modern supermarket on the edge of my village for a little over ten years now and the managers are quite community minded. And there IS a sign inside that offers to a carry-to-the-car service. :)

  6. I hope your council fails. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


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