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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rememberances of Things Past

Like many small rural communities in Australia, Emmaville is struggling to maintain services as the population rapidly declines. Tourism is seen as part of the solution and Emmaville has a very interesting history to draw on. This is the old Foley's Department Store that has been turned into a very large museum.

Although the main section of the museum contains a vast collection of crystals, ores and rocks, I found the collection of Chinese artifacts and photos of the long gone Chinese presence to be the most intriguing. 

The walls of photos were somewhat depressing: pictures of busy shops, parades with brass bands, church picnics, Rugby League grand finals. It was a stark reminder of how much community has declined everywhere in these forgotten country towns and how it was unlikely that it will ever come back.

However everywhere we went in Emmaville I found the same pair of piercing blue eyes staring at us and a black shadow following us around! Tomorrow the famed and feared Emmaville Panther.

1 comment:

  1. Very interesting what you show and say here.
    Strong, the sense of community that once was (that now has moved to the Internet).


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