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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vale Yamba Shop of Many Things

Sometimes I worry that I am too nostalgic and should move with the times but when I started this blog I did want it to be a record of change. I can't but help comment on a funny old shop that has closed its doors in Yamba after many years.

We never really had a name for this place but it was one of those stores that sold lots of things you really need at the beach when you are on holidays; postcards (some saucy), mullet gut, tea towels, snorkels, footballs, t-shirts, frozen prawns, snow scenes, thongs, white zinc, crab pots, stickers, surfboards, green weed (for fishing not smoking), glass figurines etc etc etc.
I suppose it will become another hairdresser or cafe but I know next time I am on holidays and I need something practical to ensure a successful day at the beach I won't be able to pop into the shop that had no name but sold many things.


  1. Its a shame. Those little shops used to be in every seaside town.

  2. What a pity this establishment has closed it's doors - I'm sure it will be missed by locals and tourists alike!

  3. well --- as the cliche goes, if there's a beginning there's always an end...and this store has got to it. :)

    just followed you through GFC mate...i'm hoping you can follow mine as well ....




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