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Friday, September 16, 2011

Arabian Days

It has been a perfect week of deep blue skies and warm days, winter is well and truly now behind us.
Here are some very old Canary Date Palms at the Grafton Racecourse. It was a very popular planting 100 years ago but like most non-natives is now regarded as a pest. I still like them for their exotic look and majesty, they take me to Marrakesh, Damascus, Mecca, Khartoum.........


  1. I keep forgetting that 'ya'lls' seasons are the opposite of ours... I could do without winter, myself! LoL!

    Beautiful blue, for sure =)

  2. Oh, what gorgeous blue skies! I love the trees! Great capture and composition, Mark! Hope you have a great weekend!


  3. and they actually look healthy
    unlike some here in the southern states

  4. Such lovely blue skies - and oh, I love those exotic trees!

  5. We have them here too but, of course, we are pretty close to northern Africa. :-) Actually, thanks to our climate, there are plenty of palm tree species everywhere and I'm glad because I love them all.


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