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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Broken Beasts of Woolgoolga

The elephants of Woolgoolga make for an incongruous sight at the junction of the Pacific Highway and main street. They were built for a long closed Indian restaurant. Now they stand amongst broken glass, cigarette butts and moss; they look very angry as the heavy traffic rushes by.

They are building a by-pass of Woolgoolga and there is some talk of the Raj Mahal site becoming a supermarket. Whatever happens the fate of the elephants is not promising.

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  1. It looks kind of sad. I guess the elephants will soon be gone.

  2. I guess no room for elephants in a supermarket!

  3. mmm ... not sure about this ... they were out of place to begin with ... and made of sprayed concrete, I guess. They certainly make a sad and sorry sight/site.

  4. They just don't make elephants like they used to! Are the giraffe's holding up better?!

  5. The lack of adventure, excitement & opportunity seems to me to be the cause of such vandalism. Such a pitty.

  6. Get rid of the ugly things. Woolgoolga's a great place and if these were gone it would be a major plus. The best of Woolgoolga is on the beachfront not the hwy. Drive in off the hwy and discover the best kept secret of the north coast.


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