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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Carved In Marble

Like most Australian towns, Gladstone in the Macleay Valley has a memorial to the Great War. It is an image that still resonates on many levels in the local/national psyche nearly a century later.
He stands in cold white marble, a paradox to the flood of red blood that was spilt so many thousand miles away on the distant battlefields of Flanders.

This is a Weekend in Black & White Post. Click here to see more monochrome shots from Dragonstar's meme


  1. There must have been a quite a factory turning out all those marble soldiers 100 years ago. I too find them moving.

  2. I don't mean to get political, but I'm amazed how the Brits and Americans always managed to drag Australia, New Zealand and Canada into their wars.
    Very good picture.

  3. Of course you can get political John. In the Great War, most people in Australia considered themselves British, not Australian. Australians referred to helping out the 'mother country'.
    These days we linked to the USA by the ANZUS treaty.

  4. The Anzacs were terrific during both major wars, and this must not be forgotten!

  5. Very emotive Mark. No one should ever forget.

  6. When I was traveling in Belgium and France and visiting the Great War cemeteries, I found so many Australians and Canadians. It was such a shock for me. Here in this country it seems like the war to end all wars has been forgotten. We do not even have a real marker here in our little town to WWI. All the others are represented with stones and flowers, but the war in which my daddy fought had an old canon with nothing. It upsets me so. I just do not understand it. Hearing that Australia remembers its WWI soldiers to this day warms my heart. I love the shot, but it makes me want to cry. My dad was with the Corp of Engineers digging trenches and clearing roads for the troops....it took so much of his life away from him....he never would speak of it...NOT EVER. So sad. genie


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