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Friday, September 2, 2011

Extra Perspective

Woolumbin 200kms away: Taken from the Washpool National Park.

Woolumbin 50 kms away:

The Aboriginal Peoples of the Bundjalung Nation called it Woolumbin (Cloud Catcher/Rain Maker).
In 1770 Captain Cook named it Mt Warning as he passed by in a ship to warn future mariners of an offshore reef.
It is an ancient volcano and these 2 shots give a differing perspective of this ancient and iconic extinct volcano.
More and more people refer to it as Woolumbin these days, a much more interesting name than Cook's.

This is a Friday Skywatch post. Click here for more heavenly views.

First shot is mine: thanks to M0les/Lupo for image 2. 


  1. A gorgeous place and fantastic skies! The second shot looks like truly awesome place! Terrific captures for the day, Mark! Hope you have a great weekend!


  2. Wow. How did you get those intense blues.

  3. Wow - that first shot is spectacular!

  4. Love those layers and colours in the first shot! Woolumbin's profile is unmistakeable - and so impressive, it's hard to believe I've climbed it twice!!

    Red Nomad OZ
    Amazing Australian Adventures

  5. What a scenery! The different shades in the top shot are simply amazing.

  6. Beautiful photos--that second one is so lovely. What wonderful scenery. Have a great weekend. Mickie :)

  7. Spectacular scenery. I'm in awe.

  8. Wow! Fantastic shots Mark. Love the tones of the top photo.

  9. Love your first photo, the blue mountains, gorgeous.
    I got a similar one in Switzerland back in 1981, they look three dimensional.
    The second shot is beautiful too.


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