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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gate to Plate

The tables are set, the guests are arriving, welcome to Gate to Plate 2011.

Gate to Plate is an annual event organised by the Grafton Regional Gallery Foundation. It seeks to showcase regional cuisine through the use of the top quality local produce prepared by the best chefs in the Clarence Valley.
With 320 guests, 10 courses and matching wines from the Granite Belt, served over 4 hours: it is a gastronomic marathon celebrated in the historic 'Barn'.
Tomorrow some of the dishes served.

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  1. The barn looks as fancy on the inside as from the outside Mark. Ten courses with matching wines! Certainly sounds like a wonderful way to have the best your area has on offer. Look forward to seeing the dishes that were on offer.

  2. Sounds like an amazing event Mark with a great name "Gate to Plate" - and look at all that cutlery!! can't wait to hear some of the dishes!

  3. That sounds fantastic. Making me hungry.

  4. Food keeps body, mind and soul together.

    Please have a good Tuesday.

    daily athens

  5. Very nice idea and event. Wonderful photos. I also want to mention I love your header photo.

  6. Oh, that does indeed look like a terrific and delicious event, Mark! How fun! I love your photos and you've really captured the moment! Enjoy your week!


  7. Goodness 10 courses, what a lovely advertisment for local food.

  8. I love the beautiful tables with all the silverware, napkins, wine glasses....
    Here's my RSVP for next year! It'd be a great place to enjoy some great food and wine with a little CDP blog chat sprinkled in!

  9. I can hardly manage one course, but 10! A great venue and, if I were20 years younger, I definitely would be there. The barn and tables look so very inviting.
    Thank you for posting with Our world.

  10. 10 courses ... oh my goodness... did you starve for a week just to make enough room.

  11. Wow ... I just read what Joan said ... just what I was going to say ... preparation absolutely essential!!


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