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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Killick Creek Footbridge. Crescent Head

The footbridge over the creek allows access the lovely Killick Beach which runs for 14kms to Hat Head in the north. It is a friendly spot where locals and visitors pass each other on the narrow walkway.
The conversation usually goes like this,
"Hi. It's a lovely day. Are you a local?"
"Beautiful day, yes lived here for thirty years."
"Oh you are so lucky!"
"I know."
"Hi. It's a lovely day. Are you a local?"
"Beautiful day, no just visiting."
"Crescent is such a lovely village."
"Yes Paradise. Would love to live here."

Killick Beach and Creek river mouth.

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  1. Love that bridge with its wonky legs

  2. Yep -- I can imagine me saying the second thing if we wre visiting there -- lovely place -- and our kind of spot.

  3. The "legs" of the bridge look like they are wearing boots!

  4. OK, now you've done it! It's been WAAAAY too long since we visited this area - especially our favourite SW Rocks! Quite apart from anything else, the bakeries are sensational!!!

    Thanx for the inspiration! To stiffen my resolve to return, I'm your latest follower!!

  5. Great photos. Loved your story of bridge encounters Mark. Agree with Lesley and Mo about the bridge supports!

  6. I had to laugh reading the comments because that's the first thing I thought of when I looked at this photo - legs walking away with the bridge! This looks like a beautiful area!

  7. I love those crystal clear creeks behind the surf providing a choice of swimming options as well as stunning landscapes. Love the conversations :-)


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