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Monday, September 26, 2011

Tree of Knowledge

The true 'Tree of Knowledge' was a very large Ghost Gum in Barcaldine in Western Queensland, where legend has it the Australian Labour Party was formed under it's shady branches during the great Shearers Strike of 1891. Although this location shares the same name I strongly doubt that anything so momentous will ever occur at this picturesque spot. This is typical of Australian humour; self-deprecation, taking the piss etc.

The original "tree of Knowledge' in Barcaldine died when someone doused it with Glyphosate. Minnie Waters has also seen a liberal use of defoliants over the years. Unlike the Labour Party Ghost Gum that was murdered due to differing political views, in Minnie its the view of the ocean from the verandah that must not be spoiled by rogue Banksias.


  1. A pair with the "Tree of Truth" in the Domain behind Parliament House under which they give press conferences

  2. LOL Ann. I know the tree you mean! I bet it flourishes with the amount of manure that has been heaped under it's branches over the years.

  3. *grin*

    Wasn't there supposedly another tree of knowledge somewhere? One that bore fruit ...


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