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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cape Byron Lighthouse Keepers Cottages

Every great lighthouse needs a great lighthouse keepers house, Cape Byron has 2! The foreground building is the Old Keeper's House and has been converted into the obligatory cafe/tourist info/gift shop. The building has been conserved well but needs constant maintenance in this abrasive location.
The far building was the Assistant Keeper's House. It has been turned into 2 self-contained and very pricey rentals. But what a place to stay and you don't have to leave when they lock the gates at sunset!!!!

Click here for more information on renting the Assistant Lighthouse Keepers Cottage:


  1. Not to sound too 'Mr Rodgers', but that looks like a beautiful day in the neighborhood! heheheee =)

  2. They're great and well maintained.


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