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Sunday, October 16, 2011

North NSW Hall of Fame : The Last Feral Goat On Cape Byron

Meet the last surviving feral goat on Cape Byron, lets call her Nellie! She is the newest inductee into CVT's North NSW Hall of Shame(shorly some mishtake here: ed).
But Nellie is a remarkable survivor, avoiding capture when the National Parks Service removed the herd in 2003. The clever girl went to ground with the odd reappearance,  before beginning a series of defiantly regular rambles since June 2011.
The herd of goats had been there for a long time. I suspect that they originally were used to keep the vegetation down from around the Lighthouse. In the 1970's when the Surfers/Hippies arrived in Northern NSW there were lots of rumours about the goats being barbecued for food.

She obviously has a few fans, a Mr Bensley is reported in the Byron Shire News on June 15th as stating;
""He (Bensley) said many locals are attracted to the goat’s “personality”.
“People feel very protective of this goat,” he said.
“There’s something about the personality about this goat – it managed to evade the (National Parks and Wildlife Service) rangers.”"

I am also glad Nellie has survived. Australians have always admired anti-authoritarianism and cheered for the underdog. Nellie represents survival not only in the face of the bureaucratic/monolithic National Parks Service but also her precarious existence on those salty steep windswept cliffs.
The lonely existence of no others of your own kind for company, only gawping, nostalgic, snap happy tourists: and you're always looking over your shoulder.......

Nellie's lonely windswept home

Northern New South Wales Hall of Fame, the list so far....in no particular order...
1. The Big Banana, Coffs Harbour
2. The Last Feral Goat on Cape Byron
Where will I go next, I'm definitely thinking purple!!!!


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