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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Yesterday Becomes Today: Grafton Convent & Villiers St Punt

Here is another Carl Ehlers photograph from the 1880's-90's. It is a picture of the Grafton Convent of the Sisters of Mercy and the old Villiers St Punt (ferry) that linked Grafton and South Grafton before the bridge was built in the early 1930's.

A lot has changed over the last 130 years, or has it? The river flats are much broader due to sediment from land clearance and of course the punt is long gone, however, the cutting through the river bank still exists and beneath the red brick of a 1950's renovation to the Convent, the original building still stands.
Many thanks to the Clarence River Historical Society for permission to use photos from the Carl Ehlers Collection. 
Click here to visit the Clarence River River Society, one of Australia's oldest local history museums.


  1. Interesting to see the old and the new Mark - The architecture of the old convent is beautiful- what a great view they would have had from the top balcony - and the new red brick structure has no balcony - that's a pity!

  2. Two beautiful photos in two very different moments. I really enjoyed. Thanks for sharing. I am following your blog, it's very interesting.

    Greetings from Roberto, Brazil

  3. The old building was so elegant ... one wonders why they saw the 1950s additions as improvements.

  4. I love 'then' and 'now' comparisons, there does seem to be heaps of changes, the first Grafton Convent was so much more appealing to the eye. post mark. Great post mark.

  5. This comparison simply boggles the mind, Mark. I agree with the above: how did they possibly think the 1950s renovation was an improvement. I hope they got better wiring and plumbing because aesthetically, to quote someone, 'it's a dud'!


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