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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Yesterday Becomes Today: South Grafton Post Office.

The South Grafton Post & Telegraph Office opened in 1882-3. This is almost certainly a Carl Ehlers photograph who worked in Grafton from 1888 to 1897. The 170 historic photos came from a scrapbook collected by a Mrs Lasker. They were restored and properly mounted by generous funding from the Gordon Darling Foundation.
Click here to visit the Clarence River River Society, one of Australia's oldest local history museums.

The Post Office has been extended over the years with the addition of a graceful clock tower and front office. South Grafton used to have it's own postcode, 2461, but it was taken away 10 years ago and now comes under Grafton's 2460.


  1. These two photographs are most disconcerting. Every time I think I find a similarity, it ends in difference. I love photographic comparisons such as this.

  2. This building has changed a lot over the years ... as Julie says, the comparison is disconcerting. What is interesting is that the final result looks cohesive and original.

  3. I have had these shots for awhile and have looked at them a lot. I am sure I can make out the original building with the roof line but the chimneys throw me.

  4. I was just admiring that clock tower yesterday as we drove past. It has an interesting roofline


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