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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat Racing is a big event in the Jacaranda Week. Teams come from all over Northern N.S.W to compete on the wide reaches of the Clarence River. The boats are beautiful objects with the dragon face prow, drum and dragon tail stern.

This is a Watery Wednesday Post. Click here for more watery scenes on our planet.


  1. I bet the scene is beautiful when many dragon boats are out on the river.

  2. The dragon boat looks cool, I watch the dragon boat race on Amazing race competition 3 weeks ago on TV, it's very fun race of rowing the boat with the rhythm of drum sounds.

  3. i've always wanted to watch a dragon boat race. i love the energy and synchronicity of this sport. wonderful closeup.:p

  4. What a neat boat...I bet watching them all on the river is a real treat for the eyes...especially for the children. I know they must be colorful and great fun to watch race. A happy post this week.genie

  5. Great shot Mark, it's such fun to watch one of these races hey! Quite dramatic.

  6. we love our dragon boating over here in Vancouver B.C. I have to admit I really enjoy them too!! I have always wanted to get onto a team but I don't have time to make that sort of commitment.

    very nice to meet you, I am a new follower via the watery wednesday blog hop, I very much look forward to visiting you again :)! www.mumfection.com


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