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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lismore Methodist (Uniting) Church

Methodism as a Protestant denomination and way of life has almost vanished in Australia. In 1977 a ecumenical union occured between most congregations of the various Presbyterian, Congregationalist and Methodist/Wesleyan Churches creating the Uniting Church.
This is the wonderful Lismore Methodist, now Uniting Church. It certainly is an eclectic building with many wacky and juxtaposed elements of late 19th and early 20th styles melded into a unique example of vernacular architecture. I just love it!!! I want to know more about this building and especially want to go inside.
The Methodist influence on Australian History has been profound. It's greatest influence was in early/mid 20th century life in Victoria and South Australia; the Temperance Movement, itinerant preaching and tent crusades, forced rest on Sunday, soup kitchens for the poor and the evangelisation of labourers and criminals are just some of it's many activities .
Many Australians, however, despised the Methodists and described them as 'wowsers' (anti any form of pleasure). What a wonderful Aussie word that has almost vanished in this hedonistic age we now live, just like the Methodist Church itself.

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  1. Interesting story Mark. I had not been aware of the connection with the word 'wowser'. As you say, a great descriptive Aussie word.

  2. As I was brought up Methodist in the mid 20th century in Sydney I well remember the ladies of the WCTU being extremely rigid in their beliefs.

  3. They must have a few bells up in those towers!
    Are they still allowed to ring them, or is it considered "noise pollution" by the City Hall wowsers?

  4. What a beautiful church .. I'd love to see the day interior too! Great shot!

  5. Not sure I see where Wowser came from. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  6. Gary I am unsure who 'invented' the term wowser but it means a person who is against drinking, sunday activity etc. In Victoria and South Australia all forms of activity, newspapers, public transport, drinking and dining was banned on Sundays for many decades of the 20th century.

  7. What a terrific and very interesting post, Mark! Great term -- Wowser!! Thanks for all the information -- one of the things I love most about blogging is the chance to learn so much about other cultures/people/history! Hope you have a great weekend!


  8. What a neat looking church! Great post and photo. Thanks for sharing yoru world. Have a great week!

  9. Marvellous church architecture.

  10. The red doors are especially seductive. (I guess it's OK to say that about a church...)


    Whenas in red my Julia’s clad,
    Then, then (methinks) she’s wicked bad—
    Like Hester Prynne, but not so sad.

    Next, when I cast mine eyes and see
    Those crimson skirts flow full and free,
    Her sweet seductions taketh me!

    (With apologies to Robert Herrick, 1591-1674)

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Red Lichen

  11. Isn't it a lovely building. It is good to see it still used too. So many lovely churches go unused and become so dilapidated... or sold to yuppies for houses who make some ugly additions to them!... Or am I just being a wowser?

  12. What a lovely chirch.

    Hope you'd find time to visit my entries here and here.

  13. What a big, interesting church with a lot of bricks! I just wonder what it looks like inside the sanctuary.... (hint, hint)

  14. What a big church for methodists, their tastes are usually more modest to go with the modest lifestyle. That said we have a rather odd one at Kandos too.

  15. Love this building. Very nicely captured. Happy Ruby Tuesday.


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