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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sculpture by the Sea: Wooli Entry

Since I featured Angourie's entry, by Monsieur Nature,  in the 'Sculpture by the Sea- Clarence Valley Fringe Festival' I have been alerted to many other local seaside village entries.

Today we feature Wooli's Entry entitled 'Valhalla' by Fred McGilliycuddy.
The exhibition catalogue notes that this piece "demonstrates the Utopian paradigm of an OAP trying to cope with the realisation that his sun bed is basically f$%**#d! But still the Isles of Undying Life are within a glimpse if only his glasses weren't mislaid." 


  1. A wonderful ocean view! I just wish I could stroll barefoot on that beach...

  2. Lets just say that you can sit on it.

  3. Still chuckling about your comments with this photo! The seat does seem a little askewed and unsafe! Perhaps the scultpure symbolises that not all pleasure is about a grand view! Now where are those binoculars???

  4. Give me flask of tea and that chair in that spot and I will be happy.

  5. Wonderful view Mark! that sea looks gorgeous.


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