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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sculpture By The Sea: Yamba Entry

Yamba has two entries in the 'Clarence Valley Sculpture by the Sea - Fringe Festival'. One is 'Umbrella' by Leee  the other is called "Bored " by an unknown artist.

'Umbrella' is a post-realist poly resin life size sculpture that is confronting yet is empathic towards the bright light of a melanoma inducing sky. This is juxtaposed with the dark monotony of sun safety. The catalogue reads, "I want to make make beach goers stop and think before they resume their hedonistic activities."

'Bored' illustrates the concept of  a didactic relationship to conceptual ideas of belonging. The 'unknown' artist has represented their  deep sense of connection to place and has therefore painstakingly collected and assembled this organic piece, it resonates well with those who have far too much time on their hands.
Please be aware that there are no catalogue notes for this piece.


  1. I love the second piece. I am told that if you have sufficient patience rock balancing is an art anyone can achieve. They always make pleasing photos.

  2. The "Umbrella" sculpture made me smile - it looks so real and "Bored" I'm thinking some-one must have been very bored to have created it!!


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