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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Smile for the Camera

This location could/should be on my list of North Coast Hall of Fame/Shame: the notorious Woodburn Money Earner Speed Camera.
"Slow right down it is only 50kms", is the shout that some back seat drivers coeee as we approach the digital dynamo....
"Oh Fuck, I think I was going too fast!" is the more common refrain.
The NSW Gov makes at least one Million a year at the Woodburn Camera; what is even more startling is that I managed to take a snap of the Pacific Hwy with not a car or juggernaut in sight, highly unusual on Australia's main East Coast road!

This morning Chris Gulaptis is the new state member for Clarence, after a by-election was held yesterday. The previous incumbent, Steve Cansdell, was forced to resign after receiving a speeding fine from said camera and then falsely claiming through a Statutory Declaration that he wasn't the driver. In NSW we call this 'doing an Einfield' after the case of a very high profile Judge who ended up going to gaol for a similar offense.
I  am very sure  that Mr Gulaptis will always slow down when he is visiting Woodburn on electoral business.


  1. love that there isn't a car insight...

  2. So, it was the phoot op that got you to slow down, not necessarily the cameras?!

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