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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Susan Island - Eastern End Beach

Last Watery Wednesday I showed you the eroding western end of Susan Island, this week it is the other eastern end which continues to grow. It has become a lovely sandy spit and I often see people picnicking on it's grassy flat or swimming.
The Clarence River is very wide at this point, on the left is Grafton and on the right is South Grafton. In the distance is the Grafton Bridge. The large yellow building is the South Grafton Ex-Serviceman's Club.
In the far left is a S.E.S (State Emergency Services) boat. Thanks Wally and Janice for the boat trip.

Looking back to the western end of Susan Island and the Rainforest Reserve.

This is a Watery Wednesday Post. Click here for more watery scenes from around our globe.


  1. nice relaxing photographs from your location

  2. Yes this is a good place for photography. ^_^

    Watery Wednesday

  3. love the beach... i miss the beach...

    ~ Jo's Precious Thoughts ~

  4. What a perfect spot to go for a walk with your camera in hand. The photos you shared are lovely. This is such a pretty place...serene and quiet. genie

  5. Looks tranquil and warm, and lovely!

  6. Very calm and serene images, so relaxing!

    Raindrops and Dew, come and see.


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