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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blue Pool in Colour

The Blue Pool of Angourie has an intriguing history. A freshwater swim hole only metres from the salty sea.
In the 1890's it was developed as a quarry for the break walls of the Clarence River at Yamba. The story has it that they dug so deep that they hit a freshwater spring and it quickly filled up the hole.
In the 1960's it was a dazzling blue but since then there has been a progressive decline in water quality, what's that quote about loving something to death.
The quarried stone was moved to Yamba via a rail line and in the late 1930's the engines were sold to Japan as scrap iron, a great local link to the Pig Iron Bob story.
In a future post I must also tell you about the 'Angourie Crocodile'.
This is a Scenic Sunday Post. Click here for more scenic scenes from Planet Earth.


  1. Re the Angourie Croc, Mike Carlton has a yarn in the SMH this weekend about the 'argopelter'.

  2. Interesting history and spot especially with the sea in the background. Enjoy the comparison with yesterday's B&W Mark.

  3. How interesting! It is a very beautiful location and a lovely photo, Mark.

  4. Great capture Mark, diver and all. Maybe one day we'll go and have a look at this spot ourselves.

  5. I'd love to dive in and float! So inviting.


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