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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gorge Creek Swimming Hole

Gorge Creek has a fantastic swim hole. 

You can ride the natural rock slide (if you're small enough).

Jump off the cliff!

Or just paddle about!

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  1. What a beautiful spot. Looks like such fun! Great post Mark.

  2. I love your rocks with all there different colours. Would also like to be there (in warmer weather) sliding down that crevice.

  3. It does indeed look like such fun Mark - makes one want to be a kid again (for a little while anyway!).

  4. This is beautiful. Nature beauty is really awesome!


  5. YIkes, when I see shots like these all I can think of is spinal injuries!

  6. What a fantastic place! I would love to go there! So much natural beauty! Terrific shots for the day, Mark!


  7. Wow this looks like so much fun. Where is this exactly? I love finding new swimming holes :) It's just getting cool enough to stand being outside down here. Feel free to stop by at www.forgottencompass.com

  8. Now, this is what I call FUN!!! We have places like this here in the county where the whole family would go. They are such happy memories. Love the pictures. You really feel like you are there. genie

  9. Hi can u tell me the location of this water hole i live on the mid north coast and are looking for great spots to take the family


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